Gravestone & Funeral Expenses

by James sherrer

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Hello everyone!! 

  Meet little Mr. Memphis. He was a  Three-year-old little baby boy who is so full of life until he became sick with AT/RT [Atypical Territoid Rhabtoid Tumor] in his brain and eventually metastasizing and spreading to his spine. 

  No matter  How much he was put through he done every treatment with a smile on his face all the way until 12/20/2021 the day his daddy told him he didn't have to fight anymore and he passed away 18 minutes later.

Memphis has an  Older sister Natalie who is 11 and in older brother Dallas who is 7. Memphis loved and I mean loved wrestling Memphis loved and I mean loved wrestling in wwe and WWE!  He has a collection of about 25 real championship belts that was sent to him. 

  We are starting this fundraiser to raise money to buy a grave marker stone that is worthy to mark his place of rest for such a strong little Warrior and we also owe money for the funeral as well.   If anyone has any questions, just email me or his mother at [email protected] & [email protected] 

Thank you all and have a very blessed day!!

James Sherrer [Memphis Daddy]