Jerin's Fight

by Bobby Nelson




Jerin is an active 14 year old who enjoys being involved in many different activities & sports.  From scouts, music, art, cooking, baking, building things, speech & drama to basketball, tennis, riding his bicycle & dirt bike … he’s up for just about anything.  He is the neighborhood chore-helper when they are gone.  He loves shooting his BB & air soft guns.  He plays the ukelele, alto & baritone saxophone, recorder & dapples with the piano. He is a 9th grader in school this year & has had to be online for his first year of high school. 

Jerin & his dad, Bobby, were med flighted quickly & without much warning to Denver.  Everything in the last few days happened so quickly.  There Jerin was diagnosed with T Cell ALL Leukemia.

He always used his manners & thanked each person that helped him.  One person thanked him for it but asked why he felt he needed to be so kind & Jerin’s reply was, “Because you are saving my life … why shouldn’t I be!”  He has kept that attitude this whole time.



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