Scarlett Tapia-Battling Pre-B Cell ALL

by Scarlett Tapia


Scarlett's battle with Pre-B Cell ALL began 12/2021. She was not diagnosed until 3/18/2022. Just like any other family who is going through what we are, never expected their child to get cancer. She is now 9 years old and has her good and bad days. On her bad days she wishes she would have never gotten leukemia and asks the big why question. I, mom, had to stop working. At the time of Scarlett's diagnosis our other daughter was 9 months old. My husband and I thought it was best for me to stay home to protect Scarlett from illnesses that are spread in school/daycare. It has been really tough living on one income, and we had to put our pride aside and ask for help. Scarlett has a year left of treatment and any financial help is appreciated. We have depleted our savings and with inflation it has been difficult living off of one income. Scarlett is such a sweet and goofy young lady. She is very artistic and loves to draw and play piano. To be able to stay home and give her the care and love she needs at this time is priceless. My husband and I plan to pay any help forward once we get back on our feet. I could not put a limit of what amount we want to raise. I will trust the Lord that whatever He puts in people's heart to donate is what we need to get through another year. We could not have made it this far without the love of Jesus and people who are willing to help us financially or with their time in praying for her healing!

God Bless

Tapia Family



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